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Cheekbones and Moppets

Eskil Simonsson
18 June
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God dag, my little minions.

Ever since that stekare Harris got his LiveJournal back, I figured it was high time for ME er... I to reappear. Of course, the old one (~eskil simonsson) was fake. This is the REAL me!! I'm lying. LYING LYING LYING!!!!
Join me now for your stekare idols* have abandoned you!
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (takes a breath) hahahahahahaha!

Note from Senior Sibling: Senior Sibling is not really Eskil Simonsson. (And RealEskil is not a pedophile or a drug addict.) If for one moment, you think that Senior Senior is, then you very gullible, indeed. Futurepop fans who want to complain can flame the journal to their heart's content and bitch about what a jealous fag Senior Sibling is can. A link is provided above.

* e.i. simrudy, simronan_v2, simnaghavi, simkompressor


I took the scientifically proven
Metrosexual Quiz and turns out that I'm hardcore metro. At least I'm not gay... I think.

Dwayne was a fucking junkie and I'm glad he's fucking dead
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